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What Is Shai Doula Services?

Shai Doula Services (pronounced “shay”) is a Black ​women-led service-based organization that ​provides affordable and inclusive reproductive ​care to birthing people in Detroit, Michigan and ​its surrounding communities. Wafer’s services ​include fertility workshops, prenatal advice, ​birth/labor support, postpartum care, Abortion, ​loss and grief support, community mediation and ​conflict resolution, and other community ​requests that facilitate a safe environment to ​develop knowledge of bodily autonomy.

Meet The Team

Camaria is a 25 year old change-maker using the wisdom ​gained from harmful experiences within the medical system to ​better the realities of her community, and those most ​vulnerable. As the sole creator and operator of SDS, she is a ​voice for young people of color with uteruses like herself who ​have been traumatized by the American healthcare system ​and may not have the resources to support their needs. As a ​survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Camaria ​shapes Shai Doula Services from a holistic, justice-based lens ​that acknowledges the physical and spiritual well-being of her ​clients, and makes mutually informed decisions with her ​clients to decide what is best for them. Her role in the ​community is not only to be an advocate, but a source of ​inspiration for what is possible when younger populations are ​well resourced and practice power-building from the ground ​up.

As an intern at Shai Doula Services, Zaire Loatman is a ​dedicated and compassionate individual committed to ​supporting the organization's mission of providing empathetic ​and personalized care to expectant mothers and customers. ​With a keen interest in maternal health and a strong desire to ​contribute to the well-being of families during the ​transformative journey of childbirth Zaire brings a blend of ​academic knowledge and a compassionate heart to the role.


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Doula Services

Consultation (45 min max)

Fertility Support

Birth Planning & Child Birth Education

Prenatal/Postpartum Visit (1 hr max)

Labor & Birthing Support

Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum relief and Herbal Bath

Abortion, Loss and Grief Support










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  • Constult
  • Birth planning & Childbirth educaiton
  • 6 Prenatal/Postparum Visits (In-Person & Virtual)
  • Weekly Check -ins (phone or text)
  • On call @ 37 weeks (24 weeks for High risk pregnancy)
  • labor/birth support



  • Constult
  • Birth planning & Childbirth Education
  • 8 Prenatal/Postparum Visits (In-Person & Virtual)
  • Weekly Check -ins (phone or text)
  • On call @ 37 weeks (24 weeks for High-risk pregnancy)
  • labor/birth support



  • Constult
  • Birth planning & Childbirth Education
  • 10 Prenatal/Postparum Visits (In-Person & Virtual)
  • Weekly Check -ins (phone or text)
  • On call @ 37 weeks (24 weeks for High risk pregnancy)
  • labor/birth support

Baby Shower and Push Gift Baskets Available Upon Request



“Its only been two days of taking the capsules ​but I believe it’s helped with my postpartum ​anxiety. I can use the bathroom now, I ​definetely noticed that difference inthe last ​couple of days.”

“We’re grateful for you to have ​joined us on this journey! It really ​helped us especially not being from ​Michigan​!!”

“She is very educated with herbs and ​supplements and her emotional ​support through this joyous and also ​scary process of having a baby has ​been amazing.”

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